Silver Estate Vertica

Silver Estate Vertica


Project Status : Delivered

A project of midrise multi-storeyed residential apartments at village Katara, Bhopal.When a noisy city life makes you tired with its maddening crowd, severe traffic congestion and pollution attack, then you seek a home amidst serene environs. A home, where you feel the view of open sky soothes you and where environment caresses you by keeping your heart, mind and soul, calm and composed. And taking these essentials as prime priority, a green habitat, SILVER ESTATE rests in heart of India, Bhopal.


+External design and appearance

The façade of all types of building is designed in such a way so that there is no/little false work to be done. The units have large sized windows to receive maximum natural light and ventilation. Maximum number of units are so designed that even they being a part of apartment building they are three side open giving the inhabitants maximum natural light and ventilation.

+Infrastructure facilities and amenities

  • The water supply system is so designed that the water treated from the sewage treatment plant can be reused in toilets for flushing purpose thus making the township environment friendly.
  • Electricity supply is through underground cables.
  • The street lighting is done by CFL thus saving a lot of electricity.

+Safety features of the property

  • Closed and guarded campus.
  • Intercoms provided in each unit.

+Top unique aspects of this project

  • A township of 315 residential apartments located near AIIMS.
  • Maximum apartments are three side open so as to provide maximum privacy and maximum light and ventilation.
  • A fully furnished guest house for the residents of the township.
  • A club house with fully functional Gym (adequate for the campus), a party hall, party lawn and an indoor recreational area.
  • Fully secured, guarded campus with intercoms to be installed in every unit.

+Internal design and appearance

  • The units were designed in such a way that all rooms receive natural light and fresh air.
  • There is very little/no requirement of artificial lighting in almost all the rooms up till 5 o’clock in the evening thus making all the residential units pocket and environment friendly.
  • The unit are so designed that very little space is wasted in circulation areas thus giving more space in less of builtup area.
  • The lifts have been centrally placed in each building with wide and naturally lit corridors and staircases on both sides of the corridors. This design feature is quite helpful in case of fire or accidents.

+Location and site advantage

  • Project is located near the proposed 200 feet wide master plan road that connects NH 12 to Bagh Mugalia and Katara.
  • Within 9 k.m. from the railway station.
  • Within 4.5 k.m. from the upcoming A.I.I.M.S.
  • Many renowned schools within 3 k.m. radius.

+Environmentally friendly features

  • CFL used for street lighting to save electricity.
  • Units designed in such a way to receive maximum daylight to reduce the electricity consumption.
  • Dual plumbing in toilets to reuse treated water.
  • Rain water harvesting.

Floor Plans & Layout




  • Located near the proposed 200 feet wide master plan road
  • Connects NH 12 to Bagh Mugalia and Katara
  • Within 9 k.m. from the railway station
  • Within 4.5 k.m. from the upcoming A.I.I.M.S
  • Many renowned schools within 3 k.m. radius